3 tips on how to make it to the fuel pump

1. Turn off the air conditioner.

A new study from everybody’s friend Switzerland shows that driving your car in hot weather can greatly reduce your fuel economy. The study says that during hot temperatures, running the AC in your vehicle can account for up to 30% of fuel usage. In mild weather or in a temperate climate like Switzerland, the use of air conditioning systems is still accountable for eating up about 5% of your fuel. This number doubles to 10% when driving with the AC on in the city. This is shown by a new study on behalf of the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN). It goes on to say that two-thirds of the fuel consumption could be saved if the air conditioning system’s not used when the temperature falls below 64 degrees Fahrenheit. And since we know you live in South Florida, there are only a couple of months when that’s the case. But if you’re low on gas? Turn it off! Your car’s AC can have an even bigger effect on the battery life of electric vehicles.

2. Slow down.

Speeding to the gas station when you’re low on fuel is a really good way to make sure you don’t make it to the gas station. Drive slow, steady, and straight if you want to make it to the pump.

Speeding increases the amount of fuel your car uses and drastically decreases your fuel economy. This is based on the impact of friction from your tires and air resistance. Your car's gas mileage will start to drop at speeds above 50 miles per hour. For example, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, for most vehicles, every five miles driven over 50 MPH equates to an additional $0.24 paid in gas.Reducing your speed will improve fuel economy by 7%–14%. All cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, RVs ATVs, and even EVs use the most energy when accelerating. Follow the speed limit and accelerate and brake gently. This can help improve MPG by 10%–40% in the city and 15%–30% on the highway. 

3. Use cruise control.

Using cruise control on the highway will help you maintain a constant speed and it can increase gas mileage by 7%. Cruise control can help you save an average of 7-14% on gas because it helps you maintain a consistent rate of speed. Don't use cruise control in the city or on uneven roads; that will make the fuel savings less efficient.

Hope these tips help you make it to the pump in time! But if, for some reason, you do find yourself on the side of the road, remember, Volkswagen has 24-hour roadside assistance providing unparalleled support whenever and wherever you need it.

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