Celebrating the New Year in South Florida

Traditional New Year’s Eve parties are a no-no this year. Crowded indoor events can be a breeding ground for COVID-19. Instead, consider a non-traditional activity. Enjoy the outdoors at the beach or a park. Visit a local restaurant that abides by safety guidelines with outdoor seating. Celebrate at home with an extravagant dessert. Take a drive to enjoy local holiday lights. Or, as you’ve come to realize this year, a virtual party with tons of family and friends is always an option.

Luckily, we live in South Florida - where the weather is perfect for an outdoor event. Why not spend some time on the beach? There will likely be fireworks visible from most public beaches. Enjoy the cool, salt air - but wear a mask and avoid crowds. Ring in the new year with your loved ones enjoying a picnic in the sand and the sound of the waves. Bayfront Park Miami is hosting an outdoor shindig including a dance party! Wynwood is having a block party with food trucks and live music.

Many local restaurants are having New Years Eve events! Call to check on their safety policies and make a reservation. It’s great to support local businesses, especially during this time of year. Most local eateries are following strict guidelines to ensure safety and you’ll limit your risk if you find an outdoor venue. You can search eventbrite for a place near you.

If you’re choosing to stay home for the ball drop, consider experimenting with a fancy recipe or try your hand at a decadent dessert - something you’d never try during a busy week. Spiced lamb, Beef Wellington, duck pâté, chicken dumplings or maybe homemade pasta. Multiple courses could keep you busy all day - it could be fun! Shop early for your ingredients and prepare a magnificent feast. Watch the ball drop in the comfort of your own home, sipping champagne after an enjoyable dinner.

While Christmas will be over by New Year’s Eve, holiday decorations will still be up through the new year! Take a drive through nearby neighborhoods, with your windows down and check out all the lights. Visit social media to find some local favorites. If you’re brave enough, you can even hop out to take pictures with the biggest or most festive inflatables.

If you’re desperate to celebrate New Year’s Eve with your friends, consider a virtual party. Whether it’s via Zoom, Teams, Facetime, Facebook or Skype - you don’t have to travel or risk anyone’s health to spend time with your loved ones. Put on your fancy evening wear and pour yourself a glass of bubbly. Virtual parties can be fun, too! If you’re a planner, you can be the host. Plan some interactive games and watch the ball drop together.

No matter what you choose to do for the holidays, your friends at Volkswagen hope you have fun and stay safe! And if you’re looking to drive into 2021 in a new car, check out our current specials or visit a dealership near you.

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