The All-New Volkswagen ID4 is almost here! It’s the first of VW’s lineup of electric vehicles to be sold in the United States (The ID 3 is sold in Europe). The new SUV is set to start under $40,000 - and, with a potential federal tax credit - could cost significantly less. Volkswagen estimates it will get 250 miles of range. They say that it can charge up to 33 miles in about an hour (or 7.5 hours to fully charge) at home or at a public Level 2 (240-volt) charger.

The ID4 also features what Volkswagen calls the ID.Light. Not unlike “KITT” of Knight Rider fame, the ID.Light is an intuitive light bar that runs across the dashboard as a means of communication. It telegraphs incoming calls, brake warnings and charge status. Other state-of-the-art features include “Intuitive Start” - the electric vehicle senses your presence and “wakes up” automatically, starting the car for you when you touch the door handle.

The ID4 will come with 3 years of unlimited charging at “Electrify America DC Fast Chargers” at no additional cost. There are Electrify America charging stations throughout South Florida from the Dadeland Mall to Glades Road in Boca and a bunch of places in between. But there are hundreds more non-E.A. charging stations available too. Check to find the stations near you. Most stations (and home chargers) are Level 2, but there are Level 3 “DC” Fast Charging stations (480-volt) also available across the country. With a Level 3 charging station, you can expect 60 miles in about 10 minutes or an 80% charge in 30 minutes. Level 3 chargers aren’t available for home installation.

IQ.Drive is standard on the all-new ID4. It provides advanced drivers assistance features including Travel Assist, Lane Assist, Front Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Emergency Assist, Blind Spot Monitor and Rear Traffic Alert. Most of these features offer hands-on semi-autonomous capability with the means to keep the vehicle in its lane or slow it down when it senses another vehicle ahead.


The 12” touchscreen display functions as a central hub equipped with smart features like interactive navigation, climate control and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. There’s also wireless charging and VW’s Car-Net app. The tech is even more advanced with voice commands triggered by “Hello ID,” and most physical buttons have been replaced with responsive touch-sensitive controls. Motor Trend describes the infotainment system as “more user-friendly than ever.”


As far as performance is concerned, one cnet reviewer calls it, “...pretty fun to drive.” He describes it as feeling like a “turbocharged, gas-powered CUV,” explaining that it won’t be too jarring of an experience shifting from a gas powered vehicle to electric. The motor has 201 horsepower and up to 228 lb. ft. of torque and is capable of towing up to 2700 pounds. Overall, reviewers compliment the layout, comfort and space and enjoy the sense of quality.

The all-new 2021 Volkswagen ID4 is available to build and reserve online now, but if you’d like to test drive before you buy, please contact a VW dealer near you.