Everyday Heroes

These are unprecedented times: social distancing, a toilet paper shortage and a full scale global shut down. But even though we’re all self-isolating, in many ways, we’re closer than ever. In this shared crisis, everyday heroes are the ones making the difference: the health care workers and first responders, of course. But also the grocery store stockers, online teachers and delivery drivers. At VW South Florida, we just wanted to remind you that some of those everyday heroes, your neighbors and friends, are working right now at a Volkswagen dealership near you.

Our sales and service departments are still open, ensuring everyone who needs reliable transportation has reliable transportation. Our cleaning crews are working diligently to keep every facility sanitary and safe. Our lot porters and drivers are picking up and delivering vehicles for service or home deliveries so customers don’t have to risk leaving their homes. And our lending partners are ensuring fast, easy credit approvals online and by phone. Everyday heroes are changing oil and replacing tires, making sure other everyday heroes can get to where they’re needed most.

Volkswagen is also pitching in to help with unprecedented offers like 0% APR financing for up to 72 months; that’s no interest for 6 years. And, if you’re concerned about being able to make your monthly payments – we’re offering to defer payments on new purchases for up to 6 months! That’s no interest for six years and no payments for six months on most new Volkswagen models. Plus, all new 2020 VW vehicles come with two years of complimentary maintenance, so keeping your vehicle in its best condition isn’t a financial burden.

As a country, we’ve survived many catastrophes; as individuals, we’ve overcome personal adversity. What makes it easier, is having someone to lean on. Your Volkswagen dealerships of South Florida are here to help in any way we can. Stay safe and healthy and reach out to us if we can help.

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