10 Things to Consider Before Getting a New Vehicle

Buying a new car can be complicated, especially if you’ve never done it before. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of things to look out for when when considering a new vehicle purchase or lease.

Check out these 10 things to consider before deciding on your new ride:

  1. Reliability
    When selecting the make and model of your next vehicle, consider its reliability. Take a look at the brand’s background and the model’s previous versions to see if they have a history of recalls, constant malfunctions or well-known mechanical issues. This can save you some problems down the road and lower the possibilities of breakdowns or costly repairs.
  2. Safety
    Take a look at the standard and available safety features on the vehicle. Every year, new safety measures are developed and integrated on new models. Not only will these features protect all passengers and make your life easier by helping to prevent accidents, but they may also reduce your insurance costs.
  3. Standard Features
    Compare vehicles taking into consideration what features come standard with each model. Some models may cost more, but come with more features you want or need. Look for new technologies, safety features and premium additions. Having more standard features might change the MSRP, but they may also offer more value for the price. Furthermore, they may add several thousand dollars to your resale (or residual) value.
  4. Mileage
    Be sure to verify the vehicle’s fuel economy. Having more MPG will help you save on gas and means fewer stops at the gas stations. This will be a key feature for people with longer commutes, however, it could impact the engine power.
  5. Maintenance
    Some vehicles require more maintenance than others. Also, the cost for that maintenance will vary between models. Some models even come with basic maintenance included. It’s important you’re aware of the average price paid for basic maintenance and parts replacements costs so you can avoid an unpleasant surprise later on.
  6. Price
    Once you narrow down your search criteria, try to find the average price paid for that specific model. There are several web sites with this information. Getting an idea of what other buyers paid for the vehicle you’re interested in will give you more negotiating power. Furthermore, establishing your budget beforehand will help you narrow your search and select the best vehicle for your needs.
  7. Real Cost to Own
    Once you have a budget in mind, check out each model’s real cost to own. Consider gas costs, maintenance, upgrades, ownership expenses, financing, insurance, and other miscellaneous payments that will add up to the vehicle’s overall price, over time. Even if some vehicles appear to be cheaper than others - take into consideration the length of their warranties, whether or not maintenance is included, how much average repairs are and their MPGs.
  8. Insurance Costs
    Insurers calculate the cost for your policy based on your driving history, location, age, gender, marital status, insurance history, credit score, commute AND the type of vehicle. Plus, depending on your coverage and deductibles, costs can go up or down. So, browse different insurers, get quotes and figure out the difference in insurance costs for your top-options.
  9. Warranty
    Different brands offer different warranty coverage. For instance, Volkswagen has the best bumper to bumper warranty in America (6 years/72,000 miles), while other brands offer you basic coverage or a slightly better powertrain warranty. Selecting a vehicle with a great warranty will ensure your car stays in its best shape for a longer time and can save you hundreds on maintenance, repairs and manufacturer’s defects.
  10. Reviews
    Get to know what actual car owners say about the vehicle. Take a look at what reviewers have to say about the feel, features, specs, power and technology. Get real input from actual drivers. Check forums for the model you’re considering and see what the average person has to say about it. Also, browse car review web sites for a breakdown of each car you’re considerig.

Now that you have a general idea of what to look for when browsing for your next car, take a look at what VW South Florida has to offer. Use this list as a guide when reviewing your options and be sure to keep in mind your must-have features for your next vehicle. Check out the new lineup of VW models, learn more about their features and see how they compare to other popular models. If you feel like you need further advice or would prefer to check out the vehicles in person, feel free to contact us or visit us at any of our 11 conveniently located VW Dealerships. We’re happy to help!

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